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Organisations across Australia providing Circles of Support vary in some minor ways. For further details, contact your nearest Circles/Microboards organisation. Please Note: Microboards Australia offers online coaching and support to people across Australia who want to start a Microboard, including SA, VIC, TAS, NT, QLD & NSW. Resourcing Inclusive Communities provides resources to people wishing to start a Circle.

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Guidestar Victoria 3072 Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Belonging Matters Victoria 3155 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
New South Wales
Resourcing Inclusive Communities New South Wales 2121 No No Yes No Yes No
UnitingCare Queensland 4103 Yes No No No Yes Yes
Western Australia
Microboards Australia (WA) Western Australia 6933 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Valued Lives Western Australia 6056 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
South Australia
Circles Initiative (CLP) South Australia 5165 Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Australian Capital Territory
Microboards Australia (ACT) Australian Capital Territory No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Imagine More Australian Capital Territory Yes No No Yes Yes No