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This page will help you understand what a Circle of Support and Microboard is, and how you can start your own.

Circles of Support and Microboards are about YOU and what YOU want to do in YOUR life. A Circle of Support or Microboard is a group of people that supports you with what you want and need.

You can start a Circle of Support or Microboard whenever you want.  Circles of Support and Microboards can:

–  Help you make friends and meet new people

–  Advocate or help you advocate for yourself

–  Support you to make decisions

–  Support you to make changes or make things better in your life.

What is a Circle of Support?

A Circle of Support is a group of people that you decide to meet with regularly. The people in your circle are people that you trust, and who will support you with your goals and choices. These people are invited to join the group and are able to support you into the future.

What is a Microboard?

A Microboard is a small group of people, usually family and friends of a person who experiences challenges in life. This group of people form an incorporated association for the benefit of that person. The microboard works with the person to help them plan and achieve their goals for a good life.


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Fact Sheets

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How can I start a Circle of Support or Microboard

talking to friends about choosing between a Microboard or a Circle of Support for support
Speak to your supporters about starting a Circle of Support or Microboard
helping out on the computer
Ask your supporter to help you read other pages on this website
making a decision that's right for you

Decide how to pay for it.

  • Pay for it yourself
  • Use volunteers to help you run your Circle of Support or Microboard
  • Ask for NDIS funding at your NDIS planning meeting
vchoosing an organisation to help or doing it yourself
Get help from an organisation or do it yourself.
talking to your supporter
Start planning your Circle of Support or Microboard. Ask your supporter to help you do this.