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Circles Widen

“Circles are powerful because they exist to honour, support and make available a person’s capacities and interests, not his or her deficits… A support circle belongs to the world of participation.” (Judith Snow- founder of the Circle of Support model)

Circles Widen is a pilot program funded by the Commonwealth Government. The project trains peer facilitators to support people in South West and Western Sydney to establish and run Circles of Support. Circles Widen is managed by George Ayoub and Tammy Burnstock (Solution Ideas) with Ace Boncato (Diversity Disability Alliance).

“Solution Ideas represents the rights of individuals with disability to teach, learn, personally develop and gain a range of skills, enabling them to be fully productive members of society.”  (George Ayoub).

Peer facilitators are ready to talk with you about Circles of Support and what we can offer.

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