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PlanNET SA – Networks of Support

PlanNET encourages individuals and families to plan for the future and to facilitate the creation and nurturing of caring networks of friends around the individual with disability to enable them to have a good life. Our Vision is a society where people with disability live a good life as full citizens of their chosen community, based on meaningful relationships and contribution.

​We believe Complete Life Plans and Networks of Support (our name for a circle) are key to supporting people with disability to live a good life.​​

At PlanNET SA we work with the person with disability and their family (if they choose) through a person-centred process to:

– learn what they would like their life to look like, (which is often the same ordinary life opportunities that others are afforded),

– what their life looks like now, and then

– describing what needs to be done to help the individual move toward that life.

We call this a Life Plan, which is a foundation for informing a Network (Circles). ​We look at an individual’s entire life, and work with them to build informal supports, including a Network, to support them in directing their life and realising their life goals.

PlanNET facilitates the creation of Networks of Supports by using the individual’s person-centred Life Plan to explore their current quality of relationships and community connections; identifying and inviting potential network members; mentoring network members in their relationship to the participant; arranging and facilitating regular meetings for the network; and keeping the network focused on the person’s identified goals.

Through their freely-given relationships, network members can offer support in many ways and help connect the focus person to the community. We see Network members and others in the individual’s life as community connectors. We also work with the individual and their Network to identify and develop valued social roles where they can contribute and connect with their community.  It can also provide a source of support for the family.

Incorporating your Network

PlanNET can also support families to incorporate a network, that legalises someone’s network to ensure they continue to live a life in accordance with their vision.


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