Facilitating Circles of Support – Training Resource

Facilitating a Circle of Support requires a deep level understanding of people, community, citizenship and person centred planning. Circle Facilitators often talk about the ‘art of asking’. Ric Thompson, Inclusion Works wrote “Asking is natural. We carry it out in our daily lives, at the shops, at work or school, and with our families. Yet when it comes to asking members of the community to stand alongside and with individuals with a disability and their families we enter a period of silence and apprehension”. Read the whole article by Ric.

Watching our video, Circles of Support – Facilitators Discussion, reading Ric Thompson’s article above and also Predictors & Indicators that Influence the Success of Circles of Support, can help you understand the role of a facilitator. You can also download and print the accompanying workbook Facilitating Circles of Support. This workbook is designed to lead the reader through a process of learning through a series of questions.

Training for LAC Organisations

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