About the NRC COSAM

National Resource Centre for Circles of Support and Microboards

Inclusion Designlab has received funds from the ILC (Information Linkages and Capacity Building) program of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) to establish the National Resource Centre (NRC) for Circles of Support and Microboards (COSAM). Inclusion Designlab is using this opportunity to support organisations that have recognised expertise in Circles of Support and Microboards, and to continue to foster this high quality, important community development approach.

This initiative acknowledges the value Circles of Support and Microboards provide to people with a disability and their families and the significant opportunity the NDIS presents to increase the profile and accessibility of Circle of Support and Microboard services through a channel such as the National Resource Centre portal.

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To learn more about the National Resource Centre contact Inclusion Melbourne on 03 9509 4266

If you want to speak to a COSAM organisation please go to our page, Find a COSAM Organisation for contact details.

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Inclusion Designlab

Inclusion Designlab is Inclusion Melbourne’s engine room for research, innovation, communications and policy. Inclusion Designlab works alongside people with intellectual disability and in strategic partnerships with researchers, design thinkers, the not for profit sector and the wider community.

Our vision is to bring together people with a disability, community organisations, and the world’s leading disability researchers to develop cutting-edge models of practice, choice and citizenship that shatter glass ceilings and promote a more inclusive Australia.
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