Research and Evaluation

Inclusion Designlab has collaborated with La Trobe University to conduct academic research into Circles of Support and Microboards. The Living with Disability Research Centre at La Trobe University visited a number of Circle of Support and Microboard organisations to research what they do, how they do it and what outcomes people with a disability and their circle achieve.

The research is important and useful, as the results will help to build and grow Circles and Microboards in Australia. Read about this research:

Download Research and evaluation summary (Word document)

Download Research and evaluation summary (PDF document)

To learn more about La Trobe University’s research centre click here.


Inclusion Designlab recognises the importance of evaluation. When an external person looks closely at what we do, they see things that we might miss. This helps us to understand and improve our work. COSAM funds were set aside to be used for evaluation so that organisations could benefit from a review of their practices. Organisations that have an evaluation will use the information to confirm and improve the work they do.